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Showing posts from February 23, 2009

Woman's Day

Mail day:
I just received Woman's day magazine, a cook book from American heart association, Two free coupons for 2 Liters of Dr. Pepper. Its nice to be able to go to the mail box and get free presents! Although sometimes I get some snacks, but I dont always see them, but it depends on who gets to the mail box first my college daughter or Hubby. They do tell me that the snacks are good. She even liked the Soy Joy bar. You think this is why I am still waiting on my chocolate sample I ordered!

Walgreen deal

I went to Walgreens on Sunday and bought the Oust spray, on sale for 2.99 (1.00 wags rebate), after rebate 1.99.
I was lucky, I had two buy one get one free coupons, so I was able to get 4 cans for 6.00 dollars, plus I am going to get 4 dollars back from wags rebates, so it only cost me 2.00 and tax. I am very new to all this and this was fun! I love saving money. Plus my hubby was happy too, he feels four cans may be enough to get rid of all the cold germs!!

My daughter lucked up on finding Pringles marked down to .45cents each, with a coupon it was only .15 cents for two of them! Yep we will be eating Pringles for awhile, but we were nice enough to pass on our luck to another couple, who also left smiling with bag full of pringles.