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GIVEAWAY DEADLINE July 23rd! from Cheerios!

Cheerios Cereal, 14-Ounce Box (Pack of 4)
What Mom has'nt given their child a handful of Cheerios to munch on. I remember Cheerios was my daughter's first snack food. She used to take two Cheerios and put a raisin in the middle and she called this her Cheerios sandwich! Funny, but this was what she loved to do!

What do you love to do? Bike rides in the park? Scrapbooking? Travel? No matter what you love to do, you´ll need a healthy heart to do it, and Cheerios can help.

This box of Cheerios, gift card and giveaway have all been provided by Cheerios through MyBlogSpark! In order to win this giveaway all you have to do is tell  me what you love to do!

Now through July 23, 2010, you  can submit your story about what you  love to do. For a chance to win the experience of a lifeime with McBride and Ripken, visit love today.

Now let me tell you what I love to do and what I did with my $25 dollar American express gift card. My daughter and I love couponing and these days its really helps out alot! To us its so much fun to see how much we can buy and pay almost nothing!

We went to CVS right after a sales ad came out and was able to buy $ 70.32 worth of stuff and paid 11.32 with my $25 dollar American Express gift card!

She is about to go away to college so we were able to buy two loreal lipsticks, several bottles of shampoo, 5 packs of razors, two tubes of liquid make up, two tubes colgate tooth paste, school supplies- notebooks, pens and of course snack food! Of course we used alot of coupons and $7 dollars in CVS extra bucks, but what we loved was the gift card, this made everything we bought essentially free.  These days its great to get a great bargain!  Everything we bought went with the rest of her stuff she has been packing for college.

We went on to Walgreens and was able to pick up more makeup and school supplies for her to use. On the way on home we were able to stop by for shake's at Sonic and yes we still had enough left over on our gift card to buy our shakes!!

Overall it was a great Mom and daughter afternoon and all thanks to MyBlogSpark for providing a gift card to do the things we love to do together!!

Addendum: My daughter went on to work that afternoon, but later that evening I poured a small bowl milk and shook out a pile of Cheerios into the bowl and for a few minutes my rmind wandered back to a time when a little blond girl would make tiny raisin sandwiches with her Cheerios. I went to bed with a smile on my face.
I got up later after midnight to find my daughter had finally got home from work. I found her sitting at the kitchen table eating a bowl of Cheerios and beside the bowl was two cheeiros stacked on top of each other, apparently she was having her own memories.   Thanks MyBlogSpark for letting us do the things we love to do and for the walk down memory lane last Sunday!

Now its your turn! Leave a comment about what you love to do! Remember the contest ends July 23, thats this Friday so be sure to get your stories in quick so I can pick a winner!

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