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Showing posts from May 22, 2011

24hour Cascade Challenge by MyBlogSpark!!

I have been given a challenge by MyBlogSpark. They have sent me 5 packs of Cascade to send to 5 readers, you must have a dishwasher. I will provide you with a Blue berry Cobbler recipe that Cascade would like for you to bake, then if you decide to take this mission, you will need to let your casserole dish sit out for 24 Hours, of course this is after you have eaten all the Blue Berry Cobbler!

Now if you decide to accept this mission, I have 5 packs of Cascade to send out to 5 curious readers. Once you have received your cascade and have baked your Blue berry Cobbler (recipe will be in a post on my blog), and have let your dish set out 24 hours, its then time to use your Cascade and wash that dish! 
Do you like rewards? I would like the 5 readers who have been chosen to send me a story of your experience with cascade. Did your casserole come clean? Would you recommend this product? Make the story really extra special and one of the 5 lucky folks will receive a Walmart gift card ($15.00)…