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Head to Tindol Subaru!

Tindol Subaru

As Mom and Dad were packing the car up for the holidays, they suddenly realized they had the van all packed in less than 15 mins. Looking in the trunk, they saw a suitcase, a couple of Christmas baskets for friends, a few presents for the grands, they had shipped bigger Christmas presents for the Grands the first of December,  in case it snowed and they were not able to make the trip to the Mountains in North Carolina.

So what do you do once all the kids have moved away and now are starting their own family's and Christmas traditions?  Maybe its time for a new family car! One with a little zip and speed. Dad winked at Mom, " I have a wonderful idea for our Christmas present this year to each other"!
Now it is even easier to found the dream car you need, when its time to trade in the family car!
When you visit Tindol Subaru in North Carolina you will experience the world class service of a knowledgeable and experienced staff.  They are committed to your satisfa…