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Candied Plantains - Que Rica Vida

Candied Plantains - Que Rica Vida

Added July 16, 2014 One thing I have a hard time finding in this country is the traditional candy from my home country. Usually my cravings are calmed whenever a friend comes to visit because I always ask them to bring me sweets. Over time I've become inspired to recreate typical desserts. Some require more time or fresh ingredients that are hard to find here. Fortunately, one of my favorite desserts is eat to prepare and absolutely delicious. Candied plantains are typical in many areas in Colombia and other cities in Latin America, but its preparation varies by region. Ingredients4 ripe plantains pealed and cut down the middle1 block of unrefined cane sugar (panela or piloncillo)2 cinnamon sticks1 cup of water or enough to cover the...Read More

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