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Local Day Trips and Staycation

Sometimes a summer long distance road trip just isn't possible - whether it's scheduling conflicts or budget. Summer vacation time is not a time to stress, it's a time to enjoy and have fun and make last memories! One good suggestion is to have a stay-vacation! Put up a tent in the back yard and camp out under the stars. Fire up the grill and make some of Dad's best in the world burgers! If you are in an area where you can have a bonfire or a camp fire get out the makings for s'mores and hot-dogs and gather around the fire and afterwards get someone to tell ghost stories! It's really all in what you make it into, you can still have fun, even if you just stay at the house or take local day trips! 

Be sure to look around the area you live in for things to do, you will surprised how many festivals, art and craft shows and movies in the park you can go to, which is free! Many times you have several events at local book stores which are free, such as Books a Million or Barnes and Noble, be sure to check out your local store for events! Have a block party in your neighborhood, it's a good way to get to know your neighbors new or old ones and have each family bring a pot luck dish and maybe afterwards get everyone together for a base ball game, I am sure most families have supplies for a old fashioned baseball game! Maybe end the night with home made ice cream! I am sure you will have an ample supply of parents and kids with muscles to crank the ice cream machine! 
As you can see the list is endless of things to do for free or small amount of money to keep a family going all summer! Just remember to be creative and have fun and this may be the best summer vacation ever! It definitely will bring your family closer and isn't this the main idea behind summer road trips? Have a good summer whatever you decide to do and  remember relax and enjoy time with family!

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