Cute Picture! Gotta Love Em!

I was going through pictures tonight and came upon this one of my daughter and hubby. Its Christmas day, at my sisters, must admit they look cute, gotta love em!

Cute Picture!!

I have been trying to make a button for frugal southern mom! Sometimes I think I must not be too computer savy!! Well after trying over and over I have given up for the night! What do they say, (sometimes I wonder who they is) but when your get crazy, give up? No look at cute pictures and try try again tomorrow to make a button for my site!

I don't know whose child this is, but thank you from the bottom of my heart for a big smile it gave me, (much better than the wrinkled, frown, grumpy look I had while coming to the conclusion I don't really need a personal button for the moment!) Here is the picture. Get ready
smile big! Such a precious face!

Free Movie popcorn!

So we have pampered the pet, sent off for home made soap for mom, now lets go to a movie, but lets get the popcorn for free with any size fountain drink purchase!
Lauren ( daughter) has introduced me to a new way of couponing! iphone!Of course I don't have one, but she does so if you have an IPhone go to and sign up for free for great coupons. No clipping, simply show the iphone and that's it!
( I haven't embraced the iphone yet, but I know alot folks have so enjoy this site!)


Free home made soap. Click here to get your free sample

Pets! We love you!

Its hot humid weather lets not forget out pets. Of course so many live in doors but quite a few are outside, so water, water and water!
Here is a sample you can have your pet try! Pamper your pet!

Click here to get a sample

Free Coupon Mizkan Rice Vinegar plus a free cookbook!

Hey go fill a short survey (it takes 2 minutes) and they will send you a free coupon for Mizkan Rice Vinegar plus a free cookbook! Click here:

On the same page sign up for Splash Recipe Club-its free to join! You will get newsletters and recipes! I have already ordered mine!

Free Uncle Mike's Magic Spice

Click here to get Uncle Mike's Magic Spice! There is even a place where you can fill out to put your own special name on the Magic spice!

Welcome to Frugal Southern Mom's Backyard Chickens!

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