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Spring Time! Time to Garden!

Its finally looking like spring! I am bound and determined to have a semi weedless garden this year. I don't normally get one, but hey I can try!

My hubby is a landscaper, so I am happy to say I get alot of plants, but they are the ones that can't be sold or the ones that will be thrown away and so they come home to me. Most of the time they will make it, this is definitely a good way to save money.

My hubby tells me this is my frugal ways coming out, I hate to throw anything away.

Every year I save seeds from my annuals ( zinnia's). They do really well. If you keep cutting the blooms for cut flowers continuously, they will produce blooms until Fall. Zinnia's are really easy plants to grow and it keeps you in cut flowers for vases all summer and Fall.

Today I worked in the yard most of the afternoon, weeding and raking leaves. Every muscle in my body is screaming. Looking forward to a long hot bath.

I hope to have some pictures up on Sunday to show you how the garden looks now and you can watch it grow all summer. I have a huge front yard, which is made up of several squared off areas for different flowers and herbs.

We don't start our Veggie garden until after the last frost here in the South. My Dad use to tell me that it was safe to plant after April 15 or on Good Friday.

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