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Review on Wubble Rumblers Ninja, Wrestler, Fist and review on Groovy Wubble Bubble Ball!!

Recently I had the opportunity to review a few really cool toys! The toy is called Wubble Rumblers! I am sure you are asking what type of a toy is this? Well, its a whack'em, smack'em, bop'em, chop'em toy your kids are going to love, they are made from a super soft, light weight material that's more elastic than your ordinary inflatables, which I feel makes them more durable. They come in several designs to choose from, such as the Wubble Rumbler Ninja, Wubble Rumbler Wrestler and Wubble Rumbler fist or chop!  They also come with a air pump to get you up and ready to play. Once they are blown up, they we will be about 3 ft tall! It took less than 5 minutes to pump them up. No other accessories needed! With no children near by to help with the review, my hubby and I became the toy testers! Each inflatable has a place in the middle where you can insert your hand once inflated. Your now ready for some bopping fun! We also reviewed a couple of "groovy" wubble


It's going to happen sooner than later, one day you will be minding your own business driving to work and out of no where someone accidently hits you from behind, or perhaps you were going to fast and wasn't paying attention and plowed into the side of a car.  It's about the worse feeling you can have, but it's happened, so be sure to know what you need to do next! Before you even get to the point of being involved in an car accident, be sure you have all necessary paper work in your car and a updated insurance card. 1. Take a deep breath and don't panic, take in account of your surroundings, check yourself or anyone else in the car to make sure immediate medical care is not needed.  2.  Seek medical treatment if someone appears to be hurt. 3. Call the police, you will need a police report in order to file your car insurance. 4. Be sure to contact your insurance company. 5.  Make sure you exchange insurance information and get names, addresses, ph


Like it not, the weather in the south can change at moments notice. It's now May and today it's 78 degrees and the wind is cool for a nice spring day, but nights have been cooler down in the 50's! You may want to take the time to have your car serviced and then you can be ready at the moment's notice for a road trip with no worries! First get your car serviced Have your transmission, oil and brake fluid changed.  The winter can bring extreme temperatures and this can make your coolant system work overtime, so be sure to have the antifreeze, hoses and radiator checked. Don't forget to have your tires rotated and inspected. This can also help your fuel economy! Also have your windshield wipers replaced if they are 6 months are older. Update your First-aid kit I am sure you were reminded when you first started driving to be ready for anything when your on the road!   Always travel with jumper cables, a small shovel, kitty litter, or sand for traction. Be sure


Playing arcade games was always a favorite thing to do when I was a kid, I could spend hours in the arcade room! Today you can play in the comfort of your own home! I don't know if this is dangerous or a good thing, but it sure makes me happy.  Projex projecting game arcade is a blast to play! It states its for ages 6+, but believe me all ages are going to love it! It comes with great directions, which makes assembly easy. The main thing I loved about this new game, is it's battery operated (3 AA), so you can play it anywhere outside or inside, or take to the neighbors, just as long as you have a light-colored blank wall you can project the images from. The batteries are not included.  It comes with 5 different games, 3 different targets to choose from and 3 different skill levels! You can play solo, with two players or take turns and your whole family can play!  Your going to love the images, UFO, Target or Ducks!  All games have reasons wh

Don't forget Valentine's Day

It's hard to believe we are about to celebrate Valentine's day, read below for some freebies and discount meals and specials you can take advantage of  this Friday, February 14th! Be sure to check with your local restaurant to make sure they will be participating! Auntie Anne’s:  The shop will be offering  Valentine’s Day specials  throughout the entire holiday week. Plus, on Feb. 14, you’ll be able to take advantage of the buy-one-get-one heart-shaped pretzels Bertucci’s:  Reserve a  Valentine’s Day dinner for $35  and get a soup or salad, an entree and a dessert. To make a reservation,  go here. BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse:  Receive  a $10 bonus card  when you make a $50 gift purchase for your Valentine. Offer is valid through Feb. 14. Bruegger’s:  The restaurant will be selling  heart-shaped bagels  in plain, cinnamon raisin and blueberry between Feb. 10 and Feb. 14. Buca di Beppo:  Enjoy a heart-shaped lasagna for two with a small garlic bread, small mixed g

Free Kindle Children's Book

Kids Newsletter: Sign Up and Get a Selected Kindle Book for Free Stay up to date on the latest in children's books while discovering ways to advance kids'  reading skills. These monthly newsletters for ages 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12 feature exclusive  author content, deals, learning resources, and more. First-time subscribers who are not  currently subscribed to any Kids Delivers newsletter qualify for a promotional credit to get  one selected Kindle book for free (choose from one of the selected Kindle books below).  To sign up and to receive your free book, select one of the age ranges below and complete  the sign up instructions. Customers are welcome to sign up for multiple age ranges,  but please note you are only able to redeem one free book.    Free Children's Kindle Book

Amazon Student Prime Free

Do  you  have a student getting ready to head to school? I am sure you have used your Amazon Prime account numerous times! It's a great way to get items you need quick, now your new student will also be able to apply for a  prime account too! Right now for a student its "free" for the first six months! Now that is a pretty special deal, don't you think?  Then after the 6 months its only $6.49 a month! This is just for new members and you can cancel any time. Click here for all the details! Happy Shopping!  Free 6-Month Subscription to Amazon Prime for Students

Get A Baby Box Reward!

Do you know anyone who is going to have a baby or maybe your small special package of love has already arrived? Who doesn't love freebies, especially baby freebies! Baby Boxes and Newborn Education has a deal for you! GET A BABY BOX REWARD The Baby Box Co. offers free online parenting classes from healthcare experts, and rewards for completing them—like onesies, burp cloths, and more. From safe sleep to nutrition to brain health, The Baby Box Co. Courses (formerly Baby Box University) has videos that will answer your questions and get you prepared. SIGN UP FOR FREE

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Arm and Hammer has a great rebate to offer on Cloud Control Cat Litter! This offer is good till 12/31/2020 SAVE UP TO  $  11.99 Arm & Hammer Cloud Control 14 lb TRY ME FREE - UP TO $11.99 MIR OFFER CODE: CDCATLIT15 SAVE UP TO  $  15.99 Arm & Hammer Cloud Control 19 lb TRY ME FREE - UP TO $15.99 MIR OFFER CODE: CDCATLIT16

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Colgate Bright Smiles, Bright Futures ® Apply for your K-1 classroom kit! Educators — are you ready to change your students' worlds, one smile at a time? The Colgate Bright Smiles, Bright Futures ®  classroom kit is full of easy-to-use classroom materials, plus Colgate ® toothpaste and toothbrush samples for 25 kindergarteners or first-grade students. We make it easy to help kids learn healthy oral care habits that will last a lifetime. Apply today to receive your classroom kit!

Tips for a Smooth Summer Road Trip

Ready or not summer has arrived in all its glory. Ahead of us are a few months of hot humid weather in the south. Down south we are notorious for always complaining about how hot it is, but deep down inside we love it!  Summer brings more time with family, cookouts, camping, amusement parks, baseball, family reunions and several getaways of long weekends at the lake or beach. A lot can go wrong on a road trip, but a lot can go right! A key to getting it right is to plan ahead. Click here for some helpful ideas for "Tips for a Smooth Summer Road Trip",

Summer Travel Tips

You can always tell when school is officially out for the summer. The grocery stores are packed with the “work parents” who already have a tired look on their face, as they wander aimlessly down each aisle trying to find quick meals and snacks to keep kids happy, yet still stay on a budget and still be able to pay for summer day care/summer camp programs. Then you have the happy “go lucky family” who were able to schedule vacation time the first week of summer. Funny watching this family you can’t help but smile. They are carefree and don’t even get upset when junior knocks over a tall stack of cereal boxes on the end of the aisle. All they can think of is they are away from work and the long nights of doing homework is over for awhile. Click here to read more "Summer Travel Tips" that will hopefully help your summer go a bit smoother!

July Seafood tips

Your picnic basket won't be complete without some seafood love. Celebrate #NationalPicnicMonth by including some of our picnic-friendly seafood recipes! (Click the photo for the recipe & tag us at  @seafood4health  on IG if you give it a try!) Keep Your Seafood Safe All Summer Long As food heats up in summer temperatures, bacteria multiply rapidly. Keep your seafood safe this season with our easy  tips ! Coupons & Seasonal Picks for Successful Seafood Meals   Use this seasonal list and seafood coupons to plan delicious, easy, and affordable meals this week.   Seafood Nutrition Partnership (SNP) is the leading 501(c)3 non-profit organization in the U.S. building awareness of the health and nutritional benefits of seafood. SNP is addressing the country's public health crisis through education programs that inspire Americans to incorporate more seafood and omega-3s into their diets for impr

Try new Arm Hammer Fruit &Vegetable wash 0plus $5 coupon

Introducing an Easier Way to Healthy Produce:  ARM  &  HAMMER ™ Fruit & Vegetable Wash Now Available CINCINNATI ——Produce-lovers rejoice! There’s now a better way to wash your fruits and vegetables and protect your family from pesticides and other contaminants. Introducing new ARM & HAMMER™ Fruit & Vegetable Wash. Made using Arm & Hammer baking soda, the new fruit & vegetable wash safely eliminates more than 90 percent of pesticide residue [1]  while also washing away wax and soil with just a spray and rinse. For more than 170 years, ARM & HAMMER™ baking soda has set the standard for purity and is valued as a trusted household staple among Americans for nearly every household task from cooking to cleaning. ARM & HAMMER™ Fruit & Vegetable Wash builds on that legacy, usingpure and simple ingredients — including baking soda, lemon oil, and salt — and is scientifically proven to clean 4x better than water alone 2 . According to independent studi

Happy Father’s Day weeekend

Father's Day is Almost Here! Fire up those grills and thrill dad with  10  delectable grilled seafood recipes  that will surely make him feel extra special, while taking you minimal time to prepare.   Enjoy Seafood in the Warmer Months 'Tis the season of grilling and eating outdoors! This month we are getting you ready for the warmer months by sharing grilling tips for your next picnic, delicious recipes, and we are giving you the best ways to ensure delicious seafood.  Your Mini Guide To Grilling Seafood Perfectly How To Ensure Delicious Seafood Peruvian Grilled Pollock Sandwiches Hearty Salmon Skewers Grilled Barramundi with Eggplant and Tomato Stacks Enjoy The Seafood You Love Today, Tomorrow and Always! Want to know how to buy sustainable seafood? Click  here  for our easy 4 step guide!  Lobster Fan? Have some fun on National Lobster Day Get in to the National Lobster Day #MOOD! Try this  Lobste