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My husband has planted tomato plants. It looks like we will be having sweet potatoes and regular potatoes this year! In addition to the usual veggies squash, beans, peppers, cucumbers, okra, corn etc, I can't wait. We have a good set up. He plants and I freeze, can and cook veggies! It works for me. I will soon have up pictures of the garden so you can watch how my garden grows.

My flowers and herbs are taking off. I will post pictures of my peony's on Tuesday! SO is it a southern thing or tell me how do you pronounce Peony is it plural or what!? A big discussion here today. (By the way hubby is from Ind.)

We have replanted the catnip, Fred my male cat loves the stuff and if he sees just a flash of green he will eat it! I swear he loves it, makes me wonder can he eat too much! He seems to be very happy!

Well look forward to pictures on Tuesday! Hope every one has had a Great Monday, at least it is now over. Have a great Tuesday, hope you wake up to a sunny day full of happiness and joy!

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