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Yea Its Wednesday!!

I love holidays, you get time off with the family and needed rest. Well kinda! Sorry I have missed everyone for a few days, but I am now back.
Lauren my daughter totaled her car yesterday, but Thank the Lord, she and Bella are both ok. We are not sure yet about the car! She may buying a new used one, but I hope its just something mechanical that can be repaired. She feels bad because it was her first wreck. It was slick, rainy and she slightly didn't pay attention. But like I told her we can replace the car but not you. And the driver was ok too, so everything worked out. I think I need a magic jenny with money!
Well I have been busy. I put up 10 quarts of peach jelly last night. So this is good.
I don't know about the rest of the world but here in Alabama I really wish for one really nice no rain day!
Enough venting I have a few recipes and freebies to add. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and your week is going well.

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