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What is 50?

This morning is wonderful, the air is off and the windows are open, a cool breeze is coming in and its smells like fresh cut grass. A very pleasant Sunday morning, a time to sat back and reflect.

Then Bella hits Pebbie on the head and Fred (my older cat slaps Wilma his sister because he wanted to go outside and his mom didn't let him out quick enough). So much for reflection! I love all my cats and Bella ( she hasn't decided if she is a cat or a dog) but they are a handful, they think when mom is sitting doing nothing, I should at least be entertaining them!
Yesterday my sister and my daughter took me out to lunch, we were celebrating my last weekend to be 49! We went to see Julia and Julie, you have to go see it, its a wonderful, very funny movie !
Then we went to Books a million, my sister surprised me with Julia Child's cookbook! It was a wonderful Saturday! Made me forget about turning "50" on Monday! Hubby called while were out and was asking how our day went, told him about my new cookbook and all he said was well I guess I will not see you for two weeks, your head will be stuck in the cookbook! I didn't tell him the book store also had cookbooks on sale for a dollar and Lauren and I went crazy and bought six! We showed him last night and he just rolled his eyes! Does this mean I have to eat french food?

Well if anything I enjoyed my Saturday of celebrating! The way I look at it, bring on 50 I am ready! Hey does this mean I can now wear purple?

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