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My First Product GIVE AWAY! Sara Lee Deli Meat! 2 Free coupons (13.98 value) to the top 3 stories picked!

Its a product giveaway of Sara Lee Fresh Ideas deli meat! Check out Sara Lee's Facebook page (, the videos are a series of satirical webcam “confessional” videos asking moms: “How would you handle this Mama Saga?” Sara Lee Deli is hoping to spark conversations through these humorous videos and build an online community designed just for moms! I am sure we all have some Mama Saga's stories or videos to share! So go and view the videos and enjoy! They are very funny and entertaining to watch! I must admit its typical "Mama Saga" everyday things that has happened to all of us!
Now for the giveaway!!! Go view the videos and post your own story here and the top 3 stories will be rewarded 2 free coupons for Sara Lee deli products, value of $13.98!! I want my first product giveaway to go great, so I need your support!
Plus be sure to check out the Mom Blogs on Sara Lee's Face book page! I am so happy to have my own blog (frugal southern mom) listed and its also great to be assoicated with Sara Lee Fresh Ideas deli meat!

The Give Away will end October 22nd, so start posting your stories now so we can pick out 3 winners! Remember you will post stories here on my page to win the give away! The winners will be chosen fairly and Sara Lee will send out the coupons by mail to each winner. You may also have a chance to have your story featured on Sara Lee Facebook page!
Good Luck! Look Forward to hearing from all of you!

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