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Showing posts from February 28, 2009

Mail Call

My mail box was full of magazines today! I received Nylon and Body and Soul. I love getting new magazines. Especially when they are free. Besides if the weatherman is right for Alabama tonight, we will be waking up to 2-3 inches of snow in the early am.
Sure this isnt much compared to the north, but here in the south we all run for the grocery store, when ice is predicted! The last snow here was about two years ago. I am ready for a snow day!

Did you know?

My hubby was sent this in email. Enjoy some really great tips!

Bananas Peel from the bottom and you won't have to pick the little 'stringy things' off of it. That's how the primates do it. Take your bananas apart when you get home from the store. If you leave them connected at the stem, they ripen faster.

Store your opened chunks of cheese in aluminum foil. It will stay fresh much longer and not mold!

Peppers with 3 bumps on the bottom are sweeter and better for eating. Peppers with 4 bumps on the bottom are firmer and better for cooking.

Add a teaspoon of water when frying ground beef. It will help pull the grease away from the meat while cooking.

To really make scrambled eggs or omelets rich add a couple of spoonfuls of sour cream, cream cheese, or heavy cream in and then beat them up.

For a cool brownie treat, make brownies as directed. Melt Andes mints in double broiler and pour over warm brownies. Let set for a wonderful minty frosting.

Add garlic immediately to a recipe…