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It's Summer Facial time!

Its Summer Facial time!

I must admit I have been trying to make this particular summer last forever! Normally I am not crazy over hot weather. Don't get me wrong I love gardening, especially flowers and growing veggies, but this summer I want it to go as slow as possible. I am not going to complain about it being too hot. (Did I really just say that?) Nope no complaining, July the hottest month in the south needs to just takes its sweet time, be in no hurry at all. I am going to make it drag by.

No I am not crazy! I know your probably wondering, why would a southern mom as myself like to have 90 to 100 degree days last forever? Well if you must know.......I hate to even admit it ..much less say it, but in August I will be 50! I really can't believe it, "50", heck that means I am going to be a half of century old! I guess it can't be too bad, I mean hey I can now apply for AARP and does this mean I can now join the purple hat clubs? (although my hubby renewed his AA…