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Merry Christmas!!

My hubby makes coffee cakes for friends, neighbors and family. I believe he has made 12 thus far, well he has always made them every year for Christmas presents.
It was 5 years ago when he taught Lauren how to make cakes. Mom (Me) was always working, they would make them when Lauren was out of school.( Jeff always took vacation with Lauren when school was out for the holidays, medical profession doesnt always allow vacation then), Anyway it became tradition for them to make the coffee cakes. Then a new tradition started, we would all deliver coffee cakes on Christmas Eve right at dusk.
Well... you already know where this story is going...Yep, his job is keeping him busy this year and Lauren is working doubles at Ruby Tuesday's, so I stood up and said I will make them!
I have made 7 so far and have about 15 to go! WOW!!
I think I am making coffee cakes in my sleep.
Even at this minute I am waiting for one to come out of the oven.
So I know the recipe!!! My Christmas Present to you in Int…