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CVS out the door for a Quarter with soup stains and all!

 Well it was offical I was going crazy. I had been stuck in the house for the past few days with walking pneumonia, I was itching to get out, so I grabbed my new free coupon for a free bottle of Advil and headed to CVS. Maybe my hubby could have mentioned my shirt had a soup stain on it from  the soup I had eaten earlier.

Have I ever mentioned I am a choco-ohlic??
When I went into the store I scanned my CVS card and out pops out a $1 coupon for 2 bags of  chocolate that was on sale for 2/$4, with twinkling eyes I grabbed the bags, picked up an 8 pack of snickers on sale for  .77c  for hubby for good measure ( I couldnt go home without him something, of course you know I am going to tell him I have two large bags for myself..... not  lol)

Then I made a dash for a gallon of skim milk ( yeah its a woman thing who buys a snicker bar and a diet coke... but let us not forget, Milk is good for you no matter what kind... right??

So I headed to the register and used my six dollars in extra bucks, two 1 dollar  coupons from the newspaper for each bag of candy,  and of course I used my free Advil coupon (value up to $6 ). I was amazed when the clerk said everything would be  $1.25. Wow I was proud. A stuffy red nosed woman could  get a great deal! Walking to the car I was all smiles. 

You do know on all good CVS deals everyone has to go over their recipts, so I was smiling even bigger when I realized I  had earned a $1 extra buck from my gallon of milk.......I must have looked misty eyed, because a nice lady looked at me with a funny look on her face, but I didnt pay attention, I had just got everything for a quarter!!

About to drive off  I had sneezing attack I found my last tissue in my car, blew my red flaky nose and smiled, well not a bad shopping trip for someone who has been sick with walking pneumonia for the past week! I looked in the mirrow to make sure, well you know everything looked ok time you go out sick, please at least brush your hair, looking down at my shirt not only did  my shirt have a huge soup stain on it so did one side of my cheek!!   No wonder that little lady was smiling at me so crazy, she wasnt happy about my great deal, she was smiling about a bedraggled rednosed woman with soup on her shirt and face and who had'nt  brushed her hair in a few days.
I gave all this a moment of thought... smiled and said aloud but it was all for a quarter!!!
So  started the car and headed to Taco Bell for my free limeade drink...hey I had a free drink coupon!!
It was a great day out of the house!

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