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Fried Squash Sunday!

Summer is finally here in the south! It came in like a lion, very hot, humid and fierce! I went out to the garden this afternoon and found a pile of ready to be picked squash. Its squash and onions cooked southern syle for supper tonight.

I would love to tell you how we cook squash here in the south, but its pretty much like ya do I am sure. There is no real recipe. You start with some butter in a fry pan, once its melted toss in your sliced onions, ( about 1/2 cup), then toss in your sliced fresh garden squash. (about 4-5 good size squash).  Add salt and pepper to taste. Cook on medium heat until the squash is tender (20 mins) and serve. Like I said not really a recipe in my family.

You just have to watch your Mom or Dad cook it while your growing up. You may never get it the same as your parents did, but one thing is certain the end affect is delicious, home grown fresh fried squash and onions.  When you harvest your first few squash you know summer has arrived, especially if your …