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Showing posts from June 8, 2010

Peach jam Tuesday!

Don't you wonder sometimes what life is like in other bloggers life? I mean I bet alot of them are probably asleep right now all snuggled in nice soft cool pillows. Not me, I am up because I just about burned down my kitchen! OK it was really not that bad, give me a few minutes to explain my off day!

Lately I have been working really hard to keep my blog up to date, but life  happens and even the best laid plans don't always work out like you had hoped!

Around 9:30 tonight,  I was on the computer playing farm ville ( yep I am crazy and addicted and yes I was really supposed to be blogging).  I was really enjoying myself,  when hubby came in the room and said, "Honey did you get to make peach jelly today?  I can't seem to find it".  It then occurred to me, I goofed off with my sister and daughter today and forgot about the peaches, which were now not looking as spry as they did last night when I first picked them.

SO... I made peach jelly, seven glorious pint size…