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Showing posts from October 26, 2010

CVS out the door for a Quarter with soup stains and all!

Well it was offical I was going crazy. I had been stuck in the house for the past few days with walking pneumonia, I was itching to get out, so I grabbed my new free coupon for a free bottle of Advil and headed to CVS. Maybe my hubby could have mentioned my shirt had a soup stain on it from  the soup I had eaten earlier.

Have I ever mentioned I am a choco-ohlic??
When I went into the store I scanned my CVS card and out pops out a $1 coupon for 2 bags of  chocolate that was on sale for 2/$4, with twinkling eyes I grabbed the bags, picked up an 8 pack of snickers on sale for  .77c  for hubby for good measure ( I couldnt go home without him something, of course you know I am going to tell him I have two large bags for myself..... not  lol)

Then I made a dash for a gallon of skim milk ( yeah its a woman thing who buys a snicker bar and a diet coke... but let us not forget, Milk is good for you no matter what kind... right??

So I headed to the register and used my six dollars in extra …