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Do you want to start couponing? Let's start with Sunday papers and CVS!!

I have had several questions lately about how does one get organized to start couponing. Going to the store with your coupons in hand can be a natural high, you never know what you are going to get free or almost free. To be honest I cannot imagine not using a coupon!

My suggestion for someone starting to use coupons for the first time is to start buying the Sunday newspapers. I normally buy 2-4 on Sunday at Walgreen's, where you can buy two for 1.50 each so your already saving dollar!(our paper in Alabama is $2).
Once you have your papers, go home and make a list of things you normally always buy, this way you will not be caught up in buying everything and in the process running up a high bill just because you have a coupon.

Yes I do cut out all the coupons but I have them in sections, for example shampoos, detergents, dishwashing, etc. I do have my regular shopping list, but its always good to clip all coupons and look at all the drug stores to see if you can score something f…