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New look coming soon!!

This has been a crazy night! I thought I would change a few things on my blog to make it look really neat, but well I slightly deleted when I shouldnt have, now its past time to go to bed and I have to work Sunday, so look for a new look soon!

Old Kitchen tips!

I love to read old cook books, it never fails to amaze me the many different tips that are given to daily cooks! Many of the tips are from a 1950's cook book. Many of the tips many be a bit out dated but some ring true today! I hope you enjoy reading daily vintage tips I found in a very old cook book I found while browsing at at thrift store! A corner cut from an envelope and pierced at the point makes a 
good funnel for filling salt and pepper shakers. Sprinkle pantry shelves, window sills, and door sills with a mixture
 of red pepper and sage to rid them of ants. For a novel sandwich spread, try mixing caraway seed or celery seed
 in cottage cheese. Add salt and enough cream to make the
 mixture spread easily. To clean and freshen wooden chopping blocks, counter or rolling pins,
 sprinkle table salt on these surfaces when they are wet and scrub dry. Bread crusts are ideal for cleaning the meat grinder; then add to the
 meat dish for flavor and food. Give your children a surprise in their po…


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