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Thanks to Coupon Surfer for the Following coupons below!  Thought I would share so you too could save money!
New Grocery Coupons
1. New Grocery Coupons
Brand new grocery coupons for Birds Eye, Colgate, Dr. Pepper, Keebler Crackers, Kraft Cheese, Lipton, Listerine, Minute Maid, Neosporin, Palmolive, Pampers, Reach Toothbrushes, V8 (4), Wisk Detergent and over 160 more coupons.
Easter Candy Coupons
2. Easter Candy Coupons
Easter Candy Savings. Save $2 on 3 Reese's, Hershey's Miniatures, Kisses or Cadbury candy. Plus save $1 on New Hershey's Bliss Dark Chocolate with Caramel.
Scott Paper Coupons
3. Scott Paper Coupons
Save $4.95 on Scott paper products. Print coupons for paper towels, bath tissues and flushable wipes.

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