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Cleaning the Garden with a feline....

I find it funny that a lot of people hate to see summer come to an end, because I am busting for joy for fall coming just around the corner!!
I am not really a laying on the beach type of person, considering it would be hard with my fair skin, and auburn hair and a bit of a Irish heritage...besides I would much rather be caught sitting on my front porch reading a book while watching the leaves fall from the trees.

I woke up to a beautiful Friday off day and was visited by a 'wild tiger' that was ready for me to go outside and play with him.
 "Well you have a jungle, I thought to myself as I first glanced at my weeds that had piled up on me!!"

Fortunately, it was cool today and I started to pull weeds in my flowers, herbs and tried to make my garden look happy again.
Gosh I was ridden with guilt as I pulled weed after weed, the plants almost seemed to say thanks I needed the extra space!!

The only problem I had this morning was when I was weeding around the catnip, my cat, Fred about went into orbit! Especially when I pulled one weed too hard and about pulled up his whole entire mood inducing catnip plant! It's almost as if he was saying, "Mom it was my favorite plant and you killed it!!"

When we got back inside he went straight back to bed and slept on his egyptian cotton pillowcase that used to be mine, but now he tells me!

Will be posting Freebies this afternoon, please come back and see me. Right now I am  heading  to the garden shop to replace someone's catnip plant!!

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