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Showing posts from April 11, 2013

An easy meal that we all forget about!

The Slow cooker! (or crock-pot) A wonderful must-have item in everyones' kitchen, that we very seldom use! 
My husband rarely cooks and today he surprised me with a GREAT meal that only took him a few minutes to prepare!

He chopped up an onion in large chunks, a few carrots, and the stems from celery stalk to the bottom of our crock-pot and added some chicken breasts on top seasoned with some soul seasoning. Leave on high for about 4-5 hours and come home to not only a wonderful smelling house but dinner ready as you walk in the door! The meal including chicken and vegetables cost around 6 dollars for 4 people!
Of course, there are many other ways to put that wonderful slow cooker to work, so try some out with your family this week for an easy meal with easy cleanup!