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Check out a new book-Girls Guide to Growing up- Everything you need to know about your changing body@

 Discovery Girls Inc.

Recently, I was given the opportunity to review a book called, Discovery Girls Guide to Growing up. This book goes into details about what girls need to know about their changing bodies.

Of course, this matter can be embarrassing to some, but I feel sharing this book and reading it together can help build a stronger bond between Mom and daughter. The world we live in is getting crazier everyday and I feel a good solid, loving relationship with our kids today is essential. We need to let our kids know, it's ok to ask Mom or Dad any questions and your not alone.

Discovery Girls Guide to Growing up is filled with true to life stories, that I am sure many girls will love to read.  This book explains everything you need to know in a "straightforward way". It's important that girls realize that they are not the only one's who have crazy emotions, tons of questions about their periods, pimples and bras! It's not a book to give to your daughter to read on her own, its definitely a book to share and in doing so, your daughter will feel more comfortable asking her parents embarrassing questions, instead of just listening to the girls at school, who may not have the correct information!

I would definitely recommend reading this book. It's not easy growing up, but its great to know the editors at "Discovery Girls have produced five books packed with real-world practical advice and stories to help girls build the "confidence and resilience" they need to handle those difficult tween years."

Be sure to Check out all the books at  and check out the website. It's where girls today can read about other girls just like them!
Discovery Girls Guide to Growing Up...Everything You Need to Know About Your Changing Body

"Discovery Girls® Inc. produces an award-winning magazine and books aimed at tween girls. Both magazine and books deliver their best strategies so girls can successfully deal with friendship troubles, embarrassing moments, life's toughest problems, body issues, school pressures and much more. Discovery Girls' goal is to reinforce the power of girls to overcome disappointment, develop positive images about themselves, seek the right kind of help, talk to their parents and learn how to grow from failures".

At Frugal Southern Mom, I do product reviews from time to time on my blog. I try to be honest and let everyone know what I think and feel about each product. At times I get to review books. Yes, to your question, I have been given the book to read and this is the only compensation I receive.

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