"Shop for your next new car at Sports Durst where you come First!"

You dreamed of the day you would be able to retire! It would be the happiest day of your life.
Time has passed now and you have enjoyed every minute of being a gardener, cook, housekeeper, avid reader and have even traveled some, but your ready for some excitement, your ready to buy the car you have always dreamed of but never bought! You are looking for something sporty!

It was great to find the website: http://www.sportdursthyundai.com/  a wonderful idea, you can find your dream car in the comfort of your own home while playing on the internet!
The best section you found on their website, you were glad to see was the "NO SHARK ZONE."
This meant even little old ladies could feel comfortable buying a new car on their own!

"THE COMPETITION:Most Car Dealerships have their sales staff on Commission.  
These dealerships offer there sales staff to get paid a percentage of the dealership profit.  
Thus, the more they “make” on you the more they keep (We call this “The Sins of Commission”). "

"Sport Durst Sales Professionals are salary based with bonuses from customer service and volume incentives. This allows Sport Durst Sales Consultants to simply FOCUS ON THE CUSTOMER NEEDS and WANTS and not on your Pocket Book. We want our customers to have a worry free sales process. Saving you time and money at Sport Durst is our Primary Goal."

There were so many used and new cars in their inventory to choose from, it wasn't easy but your found your new sporty car! You can't wait to show it off to the girls!

 Durst Automotive Group is here to provide you with tools that they hope will make buying a car easier. The dealership is conveniently located in Durham North Carolina. Sport Durst is proud to serve many towns throughout the state of North Carolina.  

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