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A girls night in!

My daughter and I have been trying to find some Mom and daughter time, which lately seems to be impossible. She works evenings and I work day shift.  A few nights ago we found a few hours at home together and I was anxious to try out a new foot creme gift set I had recently received in the mail to review. 

First we tried the foot peeling, it's gritty and oily and we followed that up with a warm foot bath. After drying our feet I have to admit our feet felt smooth. We then followed
up with the foot creme , which also left our feet feeling smooth and soft. 

Next we tried the warming balm for your feet. This left our feet feeling warm and cozy. We both agreed this would be great to use in the winter months when you always have cold feet!

It was time for the leg creme.  The smell is wonderful and very relaxing.  Lastly we tried the cooling gel, this makes your feet feel very tingly and I can see this being a great product to use when you have been on your feet all day. It's also great for your circulation.   

By now I am sure you are wondering what is the name of these great products?  They are herbacin products, which are made up of avocado and almond oils and natural plants and herbs, made in Germany.

They also have products for hands, body, hair and shower gels. The website is very user friendly ( You can find the products in most all of the states, or you can also order from The products are very reasonably priced. 

I would highly recommend this product and will definitely be buying it again. 

We had a great Mom and daughter night and we went to bed with very relaxed, smooth, soft pampered feet. Thanks herbacin for  sending me these products to review. This blogger thinks your a winner!!

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