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Check out Kernersville Chrysler Dodge for next Family Car!

Kernersville Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram
950 NC Highway 66 South

Your wife called the office, she is broke down right off the interstate. You had been trying to get her to buy a new  car, but she kept telling you it wasn't in the budget. You get into the car and head to pick her up and it dawns on you, the money you had been putting aside for the "big" anniversary trip, the one you were going to surprise your wife with this year. This little nest egg had just enough money in to make a down payment to bring the payments down and also pay maybe 2-3 months of payments. You sigh, well I guess a new family car will the  "big" anniversary present. You smile now, suddenly realizing she would enjoy the car more so than a trip.

Once you reach your wife, you tell her to lock the car up and let's go get some dinner and we can talk about what we need to do about her car. She as you were expecting, is crying and upset, but hopefully she will feel better, on…