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Can you get in a blog slump?

Ok, it's already January 16th and I hate to even type the words, but my christmas tree is still up in all it's splendor.  I am sometimes off during the week and I am suppose to work every other weekend, but it normally doesn't work out this way. It seems I work all weekend's but one, but its job security so I guess I shouldn't complain, but this change of schedule still doesn't give me an excuse of why my christmas tree is still up. I am off today, let's see what happens, but my Mom is in town for a few days and I am really looking forward to spending time with her, so my christmas tree may have to wait a few more days.

 Blogging started out for me as something to fill my time. My daughter had left for college and it was a bit lonely in the house. Yes, I am married and I love my husband very much, but it just isn't the same, taking a hubby shopping, couponing or just going through clearance racks at the malls and trying on different kinds of makeup at Sephora. Truthfully he wouldn't want to go, this really isn't his cup of tea. He is more of a sports fanatic, there are not many sporting events he misses on cable.

Well, I have said all this to let you know I  have my down times in the blogging world, as I am sure you have noticed, but I will be back in full force soon, I just need to ease back into it, its not always easy to find great bargains, freebies or just something different and interesting or special to readers than the same things you may see on other blogs. Get ready folks, I am about to get interesting and you will want to come visit my blog everyday, at least I have this idea dancing in my head, but I really I am going to blog more and will be adding a bit more zest to the ole blog, so get ready to read daily and hopefully enjoy coming
by for many visits!

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