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Traveling with Other Families

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Traveling with family can be the most memorable experience or can slowly turn into a vacation of horror's!
If you go with two or three families make sure you have a plan on where your going and where your staying. Speaking from experience, stay in the same hotel, condo or wherever you may be sleeping. Trying to locate a child's favorite sleep toy can be upsetting, especially if you are doing a search in a 10 miles radius! To make matters worse, your son has the exact same lovey sleep toy as his cousin, which can cause utter confusion and hurt feelings! This can definitely make or break a vacation! 
Once the decision has been made where everyone will be staying, choose one level headed family member to make reservations. This person should also collect all the money up front for the trip. 
Be sure to choose a place where there is something for everyone to do. Remember it's not just one person's vacation, but a family vacation. 
Discuss prior to your vacation who will be driving and what route you will be taking. You don't want to lose a family early in the trip because they took a wrong turn, got lost and now your going to lose a few hours trying locate them. Stay together! 
Try making a plan for all meals. Don't assume everyone wants to eat out every meal. Make a list and have different families plan a meal and a game night. Make it fun! 
Most importantly remember, it's ok if each family wants time to themselves. Everyone needs to relax and reconnect with each other. After all it is called a "vacation"! 
Vacations with families is not always easy, but it doesn't have to be difficult. Just be sure you don't forget to take your patience, a lot love, understanding and a sense of humor. 
Now I am not saying there will be no squabbles, but try to remind yourself family time with each other is really priceless. You may want to remind yourself this when your sweet toothless smiling niece tells you that your favorite watch didn't float once it was flushed down the commode. Mom made her confess to her crime!

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