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After searching the web to find foods that will never expire, I ran across a lot of very interesting information. I was very surprised what foods made the "forever list".

Rice is a product that appears to not go bad as long as it is packaged in a airtight container, that bugs can't get in. I am sure many of you have noticed a thick layer of dust on packages of rice but its one of the foods that doesn't expire. So brush off the dust and boil some water.  I did read that brown rice will not keep due to the oil content in it as well, but white, wild, arborio, jasmine and basmati rice is a sure bet.

Honey is a product that really surprised me.  According to the "Miami News Times'', even if you have Honey that has crystallized, if you run the closed jar under hot water it will return to its normal state of syrupy honey! 

Soy Sauce-This was indeed a major surprise to me, Next time you buy a bottle, notice where it states" Since 1645". Amazing huh this stuff is old and is a keeper!

Pure Vanilla extract- This wasn't much as a surprise as the other ones. I mean isn't it made of alcohol?  But after reading more about this, as long as you keep it in a dark place and close it tightly after each use, it will be ready to use forever.

Sugar- I was bit skeptical about this one, but sugar never spoils because it doesn't support bacterial growth.  I have noticed my sugar I have had for long time, will turn rock hard, but to keep it fresh, store it in a air tight heavy plastic bag, covering the original packaging it came in and keep it sealed tightly between uses.

Hard Liquor- This wasn't a surprise at all, I do believe we still have tequila in its original container in the dining room. I have to confess I have tried it and I am still here, now typing about a forever food saving article!  Just keep it in a cool dark place, they do claim it may loose some of its aroma, but I have never noticed this and the tequila I have is
16 years old.

Distilled white vinegar and Distilled Apple Cider Vinegar
Well just reading the word" distilled" makes me wonder how can this stuff spoil? So I suggest you stock pile, its not going to ever go bad!

Corn Starch  It's amazing the many uses of cornstarch and to think it can last forever makes my heart pitter-patter with joy. To keep it forever keep it sealed tightly and in a dry place.  Think of all the "" ideas we can continue to make! Another good item to stock pile.

Well I learned a lot today and I am glad I am able to share this information. I have to give credit where credit is due though, much of this information was obtained from
be sure to check out this interesting web site, I could have sit and read all day it was that good!

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