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Fall Maintenance List

It's getting close to fall and you can almost smell the roasted pumpkin seeds, hot spicy apple cider, and raking leaves, no stop, instead let's have fun jumping in a huge pile of leaves over and over again with the kids. Fall has to be one of my favorite times of the year.  It's also a good time to take a weekend vacation with the kids.  
Once school has been in session for a few weeks, most kid's and adults are ready to hit the open road, even if its to your own back yard to try to escape daily deadlines and the piles of homework every night. Just a weekend away can put things back in perspective and keep you going till the holiday's arrive. I am sure you have been keeping the roads busy this summer going to kid activities, ballgames, vacations and work. It may be time for your car to take a small vacation to the nearby shop. The last thing you want to interfere with a weekend getaway is a car that breaks down a few miles from the house, especially when most of these break downs could have been prevented if we just keep up our car maintenance. 
Fall Auto Maintenance Check list:
1. Be sure to check your oil level and add oil if necessary, or you may need to take your car in for a oil change. 
2. You can test your battery at most auto parts stores, but if it needs to be replaced make sure you take the time to get it taken care of. 
3. Inspect your windshield wipers, bitter cold and ice is just around the corner. Cold weather can be hard on rubber blades. Make sure you have them replaced if needed. 
4. Make sure your windshield wiper reservoir is filled with the proper type of windshield fluid for your climate. 
5. Have your engine coolant checked to see if its low. 
6. Have all your belts and hoses looked at to make sure there isn't evidence of cracking or leaking. 
7. Your car may be due a tuneup. Have someone check spark plugs, wires, distributor cap and rotor. 
8. Make sure your tires are properly inflated, once winter arrives you will need good traction. 
Last of all be sure to have a winter survival kit. Check to make sure all flashlights, jumper cables, flares, ice scrapers, blankets and first aid kits have been updated with new supplies and are in good working order. 
With all that said, it's time to plan that last weekend getaway. You have the car ready for the winter, now it's time to relax. You look out the kitchen window and see hubby has pitched a tent in the backyard, all you need to do now is grab a few blankets, snacks and the kids and sit by a campfire and make a few s'mores and tell ghost stories! It's Friday night, time to kick off your shoes and relax and celebrate the fact your kids didn't bring home any homework!

Author Note: Tammy is the owner and author of the Frugal Southern Mom Blog. Visit her on FacebookPinterest, and Twitter!

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