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Cleaning the Family Car

Cleaning the Family Car

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Your wife keeps telling you it's time to look for a new car. Of course, you ask her what is wrong with the one we have and she shakes her head. Obviously you haven't driven it lately. Remember the family car gets driven everyday to work, kids to activities and school.  So you agree with her and tell her you will look into it. 
Looking for a car for a growing family can be tough, you know what you want, but sometimes what you want and what is available in your price range doesn't always mesh together well. The next morning you pour a cup of coffee and head to the garage to check out the family car. The van looks pretty good on the outside, but the inside isn't so great. You shake your head and go back into the house in a bit of shock.  So you devised a plan; you would send them on their Saturday morning errands in your car, and this way you can get the family car looked over and cleaned out and fumigated! 
You hand your wife your keys, she gives  you a smile and tells you they will be back later this afternoon. You climb into the stinky car and brush away some papers off the seat and head to get it cleaned, afterwards you couldn't believe it yourself that this was the same car you had driven in. Heading to the dealership you wanted to make sure everything was mechanically sound, afterwards the service manager tells you that given the age of the car,  your van is in great condition. 
When you drive into the driveway the kids run up to the new car in excitement, Mom hears all the commotion and comes out and see's the new car and runs up to give hubby a hug!  They loved the color and couldn't believe it came with a DVD player! You step back and take in all the happiness and think to yourself should I tell them this is the same family car but it's been cleaned and tuned up and you bought the new DVD player? 
There are several ways to keep your car cleaned up before it reach's the state of a confused, stinky and messy state. 
1. SHAKE AND VAC - Once a week take the car in to have mats vacuumed and cleaned and the car washed. Be sure to wipe down all seats and dashboards. 
2. STOW TO GO - If you have to have CD's, sunglasses, movies and first aid kits, buy some organizers and use them. 
3. DOUBLE UP - You have kids, you will always have tons of sports equipment, library books, and toys. Pick up a laundry basket to hold everything and stash it the back of the car or in the trunk. 
4. BE PREPARED - Head off trash accumulation: Make sure you have a waste bag available at all times and remember to use it.

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