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It's been awhile since I have posted! You know life keeps going on with work and everyday stresses and you forget to take the time to do the small things that help to destress you, like blogging!

I  am sure everyone is wondering what the title of this post is referring to, back during the summer in June, we decided to become chicken farmers! We are now the proud owners of 7 Rhode Island Red chicks. We have watched them grow from dirty, small scraggly pre-teens to beautiful full grown chickens.

Last night, I was doing my usual evening chores and they were all rather noisier than usual, don't 
let anyone ever try to convince you chickens don't talk, they love too and of course all at one time, Last night in particular they were singing up a storm and gathering around one area of their "tiny home". Apparently they were trying their best to show Mom a surprise, but I was a bit slow to notice.

 Yep, we have our first egg! Nestled in the straw was a rather small brown egg.  It was a proud moment for this chicken mom. I just had to share and if you like the post on the chickens, let me know and I will be happy add them to my daily blogging! It will give me one more place to gloat about our new babies!

Here are the new babies!
Here is the first egg! I know it's small and a bit dirty but it's an egg!! Not sure which one laid it, but 
they all seemed to be very proud moms!

Have a great Saturday! Don't shop too much and make sure you stop to doing something today
you love to do, maybe it will help you feel not quite so stressed during the upcoming holidays!

 Remind youself it's the small stuff that brings a smile to your face the most!


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