Monday, January 18, 2016

FREE Devotional Adult Coloring Pages

Looking for a devotional that doubles as an adult coloring book? 
  • Our free download gives you the first portion of the book, featuring devotional material and coloring pages for Psalm 23:1.  
  • Beautiful artwork to go along with Psalm 23:1!
  • Pull out your colored pencils and start studying and meditating on the beautiful, timeless message of this well-loved Scripture passage.
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20 FREE 4×6 Photo Prints at Walgreens

To get 20 FREE 4×6 Photo Prints at Walgreens enter your email to get a coupon code by email. Then download the printicular app for iOS, Android, Windows phone, or other platforms. Open the app, upload your photos and select pickup from Walgreens, and enter your coupon code to get 20 free 4×6 prints with free in store pickup.

To get your coupon code for 20 free 4×6″ prints at Walgreens, enter your email address. Your code will be emailed to you.
To redeem your Groupon offer, enter your coupon code in the app. Tap ‘I have a coupon’ on the ‘Place Your Order’ screen.

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1. Ibotta

Ibotta offers cash back on a variety of items you purchase in store. I love Ibotta because they always have several healthy options such as fresh fruit and produce. And, they offer cash back on beer, wine and spirits! Read my article to learn how to use Ibotta to earn cash back.

2. Checkout51

Checkout 51 lets you save on the brands you love, and make money while doing it. It’s simple and actually reminds me of Walmart’s Savings Catcher except it’s not limited to just Walmart! This is a GREAT Savings Hack to save you an extra $20 a month or more on groceries and personal items!

3. Shopmium

Head on over to Shopmium and use my referral code during sign up: GYHGFCQW to get a FREE Lindt chocolate candy bar! Shopmium is easy to use, and of course it’s free. They have a huge variety of products at dozens of stores online and “brick and mortar” (local stores you visit in person).  Read my article on how to get cash back with Shopmium.

4. Favato

Save time and money by discovering the very best deals and rock bottom prices for items in more than 65,000 grocery and drugstores nationwide. Favado tells you which store has the best deals to help you decide which stores to add to your errand list each week.


Not quite like the other cash back and erebate apps, Savingstar is more like using a digital coupon. They have hundreds of e-coupons you can get free, with savings on things you love! They even have several healthy offers each week!


Snap by Groupon gives you cash back on everyday grocery purchases – no matter where you shop. It’s like having grocery coupons on your mobile phone, but way better! You can shop anywhere. Yes, you read that right! Read my article about how to use Groupon Snap.


SnipSnap has store coupons you can use in select stores. Although it’s limited, it’s very handy when you forgot your coupons at home
App Name Cost Valid at Which Store(s) Cash Out Threshold
Ibotta FREE shop at ~150 select stores $20
Checkout 51 FREE  shop at any store $20
Shopmium FREE  shop at any store $0, money is instantly sent (no action req’d)
Favado FREE shop at select stores  comes off bill instantly like coupon
Savingstar FREE shop at select stores comes off bill instantly like coupon
Snap by Groupon FREE shop at any store $20
SnipSnap FREE shop at select stores comes off bill instantly like coupon
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Check out the Amazon Trade-In program

It's time to get rid of your old stuff and get Amazon gift cards in exchange!

The Amazon Trade-In program allows customers to receive an Amazon Gift Card when they trade in their old phones, electronics, video games, books, DVDs, and CDs. The process is easy and convenient with free shipping, an immediate offer, and no required registration or listing.

Click here for more information.
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Stuffed Strawberry French Toast

French toast made out of baguette bread. Enjoy a scrumptious strawberry cream filling that will satisfy any craving for sweets.
1 cup milk
3 cups heavy cream
4 eggs
2 tsp. vanilla extract
1/4 cup sugar
1 French baguette, sliced diagonally
1 cup strawberries freshly cut
Powdered sugar for dusting
1/2 lb. cream cheese

Combine milk, eggs, and vanilla extract, sugar and 2 cups heavy cream; mix well, then set aside. Whip 1-cup heavy cream until peaks form. Beat in cream cheese until smooth. Heat skillet over medium-high heat; add butter. Dip bread slices in batter, making sure to leave them long enough to absorb some of the batter without making them soggy. Place bread in skillet; brown on both sides. Remove bread from skillet and place on a plate. Scoop cream cheese mixture on top of each piece. Top with another piece of toast to form a sandwich. Top with fresh strawberries, dust with powdered sugar and serve immediately.
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