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Traveling with Other Families

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Traveling with family can be the most memorable experience or can slowly turn into a vacation of horror's! If you go with two or three families make sure you have a plan on where your going and where your staying. Speaking from experience, stay in the same hotel, condo or wherever you may be sleeping. Trying to locate a child's favorite sleep toy can be upsetting, especially if you are doing a search in a 10 miles radius! To make matters worse, your son has the exact same lovey sleep toy as his cousin, which can cause utter confusion and hurt feelings! This can definitely make or break a vacation!  Once the decision has been made where everyone will be staying, choose one level headed family member to make reservations. This person should also collect all the money up front for the trip.  Be sure to choose a place where there is something for everyone…


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Traveling with kids can be crazy, especially if they are toddlers. Plus let's make it really interesting and have three boys under the age of five, traveling in a van for about 12 hours. I know what your thinking, why would any smart sensible parent even think about the idea, much less do it!

Traveling with kids has become easier today, with built in electronics, parents can now carry on a regular relaxing conversation up front while the kids are happy watching a DVD movie. Having small kids certainly changes the type of car choices you may be looking at, one has to consider with three boys, as mentioned above, one has to think about having to have three car seats, toys, and snacks. This can take up a lot of room, so buying a small car isn't even in the equation.

There are three things parents need to consider when looking at new cars with children, child safety, easy access and cargo area.  Yo…