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Fall Maintenance List It's getting close to fall and you can almost smell the roasted pumpkin seeds, hot spicy apple cider, and raking leaves, no stop, instead let's have fun jumping in a huge pile of leaves over and over again with the kids. Fall has to be one of my favorite times of the year.  It's also a good time to take a weekend vacation with the kids.   Once school has been in session for a few weeks, most kid's and adults are ready to hit the open road, even if its to your own back yard to try to escape daily deadlines and the piles of homework every night. Just a weekend away can put things back in perspective and keep you going till the holiday's arrive. I am sure you have been keeping the roads busy this summer going to kid activities, ballgames, vacations and work. It may be time for your car to take a small vacation to the nearby shop. The last thing you want to interfere with a weekend getaway is a car that breaks down a few miles from the house, esp…


Cars for College Students

Best Car's for the College Student  Don't you love it when the long school year is finally over and summer vacation is about to start? You would instantly feel energized and just knew deep down that this was going to be your best summer yet, but too soon summer ends and regretfully its time to go back to school.  You had to admit it was fun buying school clothes, supplies and getting to see friends again. Yes, going back to school before college was a breeze, just at the time we didn't realize this!  Getting ready to go to college is definitely a huge expense. No longer is it just purchasing a few supplies and clothes.  Now you need scholarships to help with the expense or a student loan, also will you stay on campus, or will you need a apartment near by?  So many things to think about, but the one thing you knew you would need, would be a reliable car.  Buying a car can sometimes be too expensive for parents to purchase alone and you may have to …