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Getting a New Car Be sure to check out my latest article on Take a look around you may be able to find your "Dream Car"!

Fall is my favorite time of the year, soon everywhere you look, you will see smiling orange pumpkins and scarecrows popping up.  Looking in the yard I can already see the leaves on the tree's have started changing to bright reds, yellow and orange.  I take a sip of iced tea and plump up the pillows in the lounge chair and take a deep breath and relax. It's a beautiful Saturday morning and I am going to take every bit of it in! I just might make a loaf of  pumpkin bread for the husband who has been feeling older lately, although I don't think 61 is old! Maybe this will give him a boost! I head back inside and start gathering all my supplies for pumpkin bread. It's just what this "older" couple needs is comfort food, I giggled to myself.  Soon hubby comes running into th…

Cleaning the Family Car

Cleaning the Family Car Be sure to check out my latest article on and while your there be sure to look around for your next new car!
Your wife keeps telling you it's time to look for a new car. Of course, you ask her what is wrong with the one we have and she shakes her head. Obviously you haven't driven it lately. Remember the family car gets driven everyday to work, kids to activities and school.  So you agree with her and tell her you will look into it.  Looking for a car for a growing family can be tough, you know what you want, but sometimes what you want and what is available in your price range doesn't always mesh together well. The next morning you pour a cup of coffee and head to the garage to check out the family car. The van looks pretty good on the outside, but the inside isn't so great. You shake your head and go back into the house in a bit of shock.  So you devised a plan; you would send…