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Get Your Car Ready for Summer
After a long school year most families are ready to get out of town! Make sure your car is ready to head out on the road, the last thing you want to do is to be stuck in the middle of nowhere with grumpy,  hungry kids and no place for miles to feed them! This doesn't make a pretty picture and it will not be long before tempers flare and words are said that you may regret! To keep your family happy make sure you have the family car checked out by your local mechanic before you head out this summer!  Here are some things that you make sure you do to get your vehicle summer-ready: Get a Checkup. Make sure to get your vehicle in the shop for some basic maintenance such as checking the brakes, wipers and fluid levels and an oil change and tune up. It is important make sure your car is in shape for a peace of mind, as well as optimal fuel economy.
Battery Check. Check your battery to make sure it has clean terminals and is working as it should. If the terminal…

Local Day Trips and Staycation

Sometimes a summer long distance road trip just isn't possible - whether it's scheduling conflicts or budget. Summer vacation time is not a time to stress, it's a time to enjoy and have fun and make last memories! One good suggestion is to have a stay-vacation! Put up a tent in the back yard and camp out under the stars. Fire up the grill and make some of Dad's best in the world burgers! If you are in an area where you can have a bonfire or a camp fire get out the makings for s'mores and hot-dogs and gather around the fire and afterwards get someone to tell ghost stories! It's really all in what you make it into, you can still have fun, even if you just stay at the house or take local day trips! 
Be sure to look around the area you live in for things to do, you will surprised how many festivals, art and craft shows and movies in the park you can go to, which is free! Many times you have several events at local book stores which are free, such as Books a Million …


Entertaining older kids can sometimes be a bit more difficult than the younger ones.  Most of the time they only want to go to the beach and hangout, which can also be a magical weekend to them but if your not beach parents, maybe you need to find something for everyone to do which will hopefully keep everyone happy!  
Six Flags in Atlanta, Ga is good choice for all family members, just remember it's lots of walking in the heat, so go prepared! As an adult I still love amusement parks, it's the roller coasters that give me the adrenaline rush!  There are a huge variety of activities at Six Flags. Rides range from thrill-ride roller coasters to kiddie rides. If you need a break from rides there are all sorts of entertaining shows. When its time to eat, you will find a nice selection of restaurants and food vendors. And make sure to swing in the gift shop to pick up some souvenirs so you can remember the day!  
If you love water parks, Six Flags has that covered. Hurricane Harbo…


Once summer arrives it's time to get in the car and take a trip to places you haven't visited! It may be a new tourist adventure park, a state park for a day of hiking or go to a place to learn about historical events and the people from another era, whatever you decide, be sure to remember its a time with the family and try to enjoy every minute to make lasting memories, plus having a positive outlook is always nice to have when your traveling with kids under 10! In Atlanta, Ga there many things to do and see, but one adventure is fairly new and I am sure can be enjoyed by all, is the LEGOLAND Discovery Center, it's a trip where you can do it in one day or a weekend, with all they have going on I would suggest a weekend trip! Read below to learn more about LEGOLAND Discovery Center! 

The LEGOLAND Discovery Center is aimed toward children ages 3 to 10. You will find a variety of attractions, two rides, a 4D cinema and more.  Chevy out Atlanta's top attractions made from…


Do you have a baseball enthusiast in your family? Did you know Rickwood Field, located in Birmingham, Al.,  is the oldest baseball field in the United States? It's amazing what you can learn simply by looking around a city near your home. So maybe it's time to take a road trip to your Birmingham. 
Rickwood Field's grand opening day was August 18th, 1910!  It was created from the baseball passion of Rick Woodward, a Birmingham industrialist. While still he was only in his 20s Woodward bought controlling interest in the city's professional baseball team, the Coal Barons. He then sought help from the legendary Connie Mack in designing "The Finest Minor League Ballpark Ever". Woodward's passion wore off on the entire community, the whole city shut down in honor of the park's opening day, August 18, 1910. Since 1910 over 110 Hall of Famers have stepped onto this field.  The Yankees and Babe Ruth were frequent visitors. Rogers Hornsby, "Shoeless" J…


Once school is finally out and the kids have finished that last homework assignment, its time to start Summer vacation! Most kids already have written down a long list of activities they just have to do this summer and parents are wondering how in the world they will be able to afford half of it. Summer for a kid is a magical time. It's time to sleep in, go fishing, play baseball, hang out with the neighborhood kids, make new friends, swim and take several road trips! There are many things for families to do this summer. Be sure to check out the city you live in first, often we overlook many local things to do and most of the time it's free!  One place for a great family weekend getaway is going to Atlanta, Georgia!  Below you can read about several places to see for free or small admission fee!  Make sure you call before you go to make sure you don't have to have reservations or there is not a waiting list. 
Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area and Davidson-Arabia Mounta…