Free Aerie undie by American Eagle (Exp. 3/18)

Free Aerie undie by American Eagle (Exp. 3/18)

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Grandmother's Pound Cake (1909 Price .25 each)

I found this in a old cook book, Shelby County Extension Homemakers Council. Its really good and rich! Enjoy!

1 cup butter, packed solid
1 1/3 granulated sugar
1 tsp vanilla
5 unbeaten eggs
2 cup sifted flour

Have a round pan greased and floured, the oven ready and ingredients as the mixing must be done by hand. Cream butter, add sugar and work until very light. Add the flavoring and 1 egg at at time and stir with the hand until you cannot see any yolk. Then add another egg the same way until all are used. Then mix in flour and pour at once in pan. Bake for one hour at 350.

Make Chicken n Dumplins last for one more meal!

I posted a Chicken n Dumplins recipe awhile back. Just wanted to share a frugal tip. At my house we sometimes have alot of dumplins left, but not much liquid or when warming up it tends to dry out some in the microwave. Take left over dumplins and add to a pot and add 1 can of chicken broth and warm. Make sure you stir it and soon you have extented your dish for yet another meal! ( see post for Feb 20th)

Free Swim Tote!

I found this great freebie on Freebie Blogger! Get a free tote bag! Thanks!


John strapped his receiver tightly on his upper arm. He was ready to finish this game and finally claim victory. The sun had set...