Do you want to start couponing? Let's start with Sunday papers and CVS!!

I have had several questions lately about how does one get organized to start couponing. Going to the store with your coupons in hand can be a natural high, you never know what you are going to get free or almost free. To be honest I cannot imagine not using a coupon!

My suggestion for someone starting to use coupons for the first time is to start buying the Sunday newspapers. I normally buy 2-4 on Sunday at Walgreen's, where you can buy two for 1.50 each so your already saving dollar!(our paper in Alabama is $2).
Once you have your papers, go home and make a list of things you normally always buy, this way you will not be caught up in buying everything and in the process running up a high bill just because you have a coupon.

Yes I do cut out all the coupons but I have them in sections, for example shampoos, detergents, dishwashing, etc. I do have my regular shopping list, but its always good to clip all coupons and look at all the drug stores to see if you can score something free! ALWAYS CHECK FOR CLEARANCE OR MARKDOWNS, MANY TIMES YOU CAN USE COUPONS TO SCORE FREEBIES OR CLOSE TO IT!

CVS has extra bucks on certain items, for instance today they have Single Snickers bars for 89 cents and after you pay, out pops out a CVS extra buck for 89 cents, so basically you have scored your first freebie. Extra bucks can be used like money on any item!! Yes there is another kind of money besides the metal or green things!

First we have to get you a Extra bucks card or you will not get any extra bucks! You can go to to register for a extra buck card (click extra bucks at the top of the web page) or you can fill out a form at CVS and start using your extra buck card the same day you fill out your form. Be sure once you get your card to scan it each time you go into the store for additional coupons from CVS. You can scan your card at the Big Red machine placed right at the front of the door. Also you can register your email with and at times CVS will send you emails for coupons, example $4 dollar off $20 dollars, so here is a great savings!

I went there this morning and scanned my card at the big red machine and a coupon printed for Breathe RIGHT, a product valued at over $7 dollars for free!! Love that word.... FREE!!

Let me tell you about my wonderful deals today. I went into CVS without any makeup! Ok so I let my self get so low that this am I got up to make my run, before Alabama gets snow (that was funny, but it is forecasted) and what wonderful deals did I find!

Little did I know CVS decided to put Revlon, Loreal and Covergirl on sale!! They have several products 50 to 75% off regular price, and yes you can attach a coupon to this and come out smelling like a rose! Now newcomers out there, yes if you have a coupon for makeup that is marked down and it does'nt have a black mark across the barcode you can use a coupon, plus if you have a CVS coupon you can use these two together, most of the time you can get the product almost free or free!

So hubby needed Zicam. It was on sale for 10.99, plus $2 off coupon. If I had not used coupons two things of mascara (Loreal and Revlon), two foundations (Covergirl and Loreal) and I found a great deal on Albacore tuna .66cents, it would have cost me $47.90 but I had 11.00 dollars in coupons and it was (love it- marked down makeup) all cost me 18.23!! If you remember the Zicam above was on sale for $10.99 and with $2 dollars off it was still 8.99, so for a little over 10.00 dollars I got alot of makeup!!! Now maybe at work my eyes will look awake, instead of sleepy!!

Stay tuned and we will take about Walgreen's on our next chat!! Have a good Monday and if your in Alabama where we are not used to snow and ice, please drive safely and be careful out there!


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