Check out FIAT Newport News for your next new car!


It's finally graduation! You can see your family in the audience with smiles! You shiver yourself with excitement!  It's hard to believe your hubby and you will be in Virginia soon to start your new career in nursing! You will finally be able to start making family memories of your own!

You had discussed with the hubby that once you had been on your new job awhile and the dust settled,  you should start looking for a family car! You desperately need a new one, if you plan on making the trip back home every so often. You just can't see the old school car, as you and your hubby fondly call it, barely making it to your new destination without collapsing once you arrive!

In the market for a new 2013 - 2014 FIAT or high quality used car? Then come to FIAT of Newport News, serving Norfolk, Hampton, Chesapeake and Richmond, VA. Their experienced sales staff prides itself on not only offering a paramount selection of new and used cars, but a distinctive, personalized approach to service to match.  Be sure to check out their web site, in the comfort of your home first!

You wouldn't have guessed you had so much stuff to move! It's amazing after only six months of  marriage you have accumulated so many nice things!  You hear hubby calling from outside, once you look at his smiling face, you are close to tears. Setting in the driveway is a brand new white fiat! You smile back at him and run to give him a big hug, but I thought we were going to wait? Why wait said hubby," I was just offered a very sizeable raise and think of how much gas we will saving"!! You just continue to smile, wiping the happy tears off your cheek. You look up at him and tell him, we are going to have a wonderful life together!

FIAT of Newport News Invites You to Find Your Next 2013 - 2014 FIAT or Used Car Today | Serving Norfolk, Hampton & Chesapeake 

Check out Chrysler Jeep Ram Dodge Roswell! Time for weekend trips with the family!

Chrysler Jeep RAM Dodge Roswell

Your sitting on the porch on a early Saturday morning and you notice your neighbors packing up for yet another weekend trip. You get up and lift the garage door and take a long look at the family car! Maybe its time for an update! 

You stop in at the kitchen and pour yourself another cup of coffee and you glance at your kids in the den where you find them in their usual spots on a Saturday morning, in front of the TV!  Maybe its time for a trip to the local dealership! You need more Family time!
Be sure to check out their web site,, Where you will find  new and pre-owned inventories to view their expansive selections in the comfort of your own home. 
Who doesn't love the feeling of pressing down the accelerator on a brand new vehicle? At Palmer Dodge, they can turn dreams into realities. Whether it is through financing a new or used car, auto parts or vehicle service, they are there to get you into your perfect car, truck, minivan or SUV today!
 The CarFinder form lets you specify the exact model for which you're searching; simply fill it out and they will alert you when a matching inventory arrives! How simple is that! 
Looking in the back seat of your new SUV, seeing your kids with smiles on their faces as you and Mom head out for weekend of hiking and camping. You smile, now this is the life!

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