Vacation Road Trip (with Parents) 
Traveling with senior family members can be be a bit tricky. Parents will not always let you know what they actually want to do or if what you have been doing has exhausted them or it could be your parents are running circles around you and are wondering when you are going to pep the trip up, either way make sure you have an understanding in the beginning. 
Now that you have made the decision to travel together, where will you be going, how long and exactly how much do you want to spend? Just because its your parents, that doesn't necessarily mean they will pay for everything. Set ground rules that each couple will pay for eating out, that way you will not find yourself twenty minutes later still arguing about who will pay for dinner.  Make sure you set boundaries so each person feels comfortable to speak up if needed. 
On the lighter note, have fun and enjoy yourself. After much discussion we all decided to take a history vacation. We made an agenda that we all could agree upon and picked out each person's favorite place to visit. We decided to pencil in free time, this way if one wanted to do take a nap, or do something else they could. 
What ever agenda you set, just don't forget to remind everyone that agenda's can be changed and no one has to stick to a rigid schedule the whole trip. Being spontaneous is sometimes the best part of the trip that is later talked about the most.

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Staycation in Georgia

Summer has been hot, humid and sweltering, even my dogs will only stay outside just long enough to get their business done and its back in the air conditioned house for them. By this time of the year, you are tired of gritty sand, sticky sweaty bodies and the smell of medicinal lotions for sunburn, but you still have August to deal with, and it's just to hot to pack up the car for one more getaway vacation, besides you tired of spending money! 

It's now time to take a "staycation".  Take a few days off and simply get to know the city you live in or just stay at the house. You would be surprised how many new places have opened up near you. Become a tourist in your own home town. Sleeping in and having breakfast at the house can be fun and then you can hop in the car and head out to the local park or zoo. Be sure to take a picnic lunch, this way you will not have to stop and decide where to eat. Another great way to save money and you can still have fun. 

Just remember if you take a staycation, make sure you treat it like a regular vacation, which means have some events planned. Be sure to leave all work duties at work and don't jump in and do everyday chores when you first get up. Remember this is a vacation.  Try to plan day trips, like hiking, biking or going to the local pool or botanical gardens.  

Check the local news to see if any festivals, arts and crafts, music in the park or movies after dark in the park are scheduled during your time off. Most of the time these events are free or just a small entrance fee.  Perhaps there is a new local restaurant that has opened that you have been wanting to go to, be sure to dress up, this will make it feel more like a special occasion, also be sure to order something special with the extra money you have saved this week staying home. 

Anytime we take time off, we need to remind ourselves to relax and enjoy the much needed time off with family. I am sure there are all kinds of possibilities you can come up with to have a winning staycation, just make sure you don't schedule too much to do. Don' t forget the easy things to do, such as finally reading that book you have been wanting to read or try out a new recipe on the family, finish the night off with a glass of wine and sit back and enjoy your favorite music. This might also be a good time to reacquaint with neighbors by having a block party and have each family bring a dish. Not only will you be able to get to know your old neighbors, but also it gives you a chance to get know new ones you didn't know that have moved to the neighborhood. What ever you do be sure to have fun and relax!

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