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Showing posts from March 19, 2009

Cook book reading addicts unite!

This is really a funny thing to admit, but when I am really tired and just need to relax or if I didn't get by the library for my latest stack of books. My favorite thing to do is reading cook books, especially really old ones.

Yea Yea, I know, you say I must be crazy, but there has to be other folks like me out there who do the same thing.

Crazy as it sounds I actually look forward to curling up on the couch with a pile of cook books! Gosh I know your really worried about me now! But I swear I can find the best recipes then, I may have read this book a dozen times but all of sudden one recipe stands out. Especially if its chocolate!! Being a chocoholic there isn't that many recipes that have slipped past me.

Its confession time! Leave me a comment if your a cook book reading addict. Tell me about your favorite cook book reading experience.

I would love to hear from other cook book readers! If you would like for me to post your favorite recipe, be sure to tell me where you found i…