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New Schedule Line up!! Please Read!

I know I have'nt been blogging lately but I do have my reasons, but I am not going to try to back up and catch you up. I say lets move ahead!!
It's a beautiful day outside, with just a hint of a breeze. Living in the south you have to take the weather as it comes and enjoy it while its here. Who knows it may change in a second.
Speaking of change I am going to start blogging certain things on certain days. I know I have tried this before and what makes me think that it will last this time, perservance lol! Let's just say I am going to give it my best shot! First of all thanks for the many bloggers who have stayed with me!
Here is the schedule:
Monday-One Dish Meals
Tuesday- Calling all Chocolate Lovers
Wednesday- Sandwiches again?
Thursday-Southern cooking at its best!
Friday- Weekend snacks is also on Facebook. Here you will find daily freebies and coupon match ups.
You can also find me on Twitter.I have been a busy girl with the freebie lately, bu…