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Better Homes and Gardens State Fragrance Contest! Please vote For North Carolina!

I am so excited!!! I am happy to announce that I have been asked to represent North Carolina in the State Fragrance Contest with Better Homes and Gardens!!  This has been so much fun! It was so hard to make a selection from so many choices of cubes.

Lauren and I mixed together fresh ocean flowers, line-dried linen and tropical plumeria petals and we named it Sea Side Ocean Breeze.

 If I have to describe the scent. You would need to close your eyes and take in a deep breath and think of a cool breeze at the ocean in the early morning after a cleansing rain. Its a very tranquil and relaxing scent.  The voting starts on Facebook 8/1/2012.  Here is the link so you can go vote for me

Now here is a way the reader can also win!

Whichever participating blogger generates the most votes (on Facebook) by August 31 for their entry will win a trip to the Better Homes and Gardens Headquarters! I would love to win this! Can you imagine how much…