Better Homes and Gardens State Fragrance Contest! Please vote For North Carolina!

I am so excited!!! I am happy to announce that I have been asked to represent North Carolina in the State Fragrance Contest with Better Homes and Gardens!!  This has been so much fun! It was so hard to make a selection from so many choices of cubes.

Lauren and I mixed together fresh ocean flowers, line-dried linen and tropical plumeria petals and we named it Sea Side Ocean Breeze.

 If I have to describe the scent. You would need to close your eyes and take in a deep breath and think of a cool breeze at the ocean in the early morning after a cleansing rain. Its a very tranquil and relaxing scent.  The voting starts on Facebook 8/1/2012.  Here is the link so you can go vote for me

Now here is a way the reader can also win!

 Whichever participating blogger generates the most votes (on Facebook) by August 31 for their entry will win a trip to the Better Homes and Gardens Headquarters! I would love to win this! Can you imagine how much fun it would be to go to the Better Homes and Gardens Headquarters! Plus if you help me win, that will mean $25 (10) Walmart gift cards for you to win and  also 10 randomly selected voters will be selected to win a Wax Warmer and a 6-pack of Wax Cubes!!

Please Vote for Me!! It's North Carolina  and the link is

Thank You so Much!!

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