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It's every man's dream to own a car that capture's their identity. For some, classic american muscle cars fit the bill perfectly. If that's you, then nothing embodies that symbolic freedom quite like a 1968 mustang. It represents a moment in time when the world was changing, but with enough horsepower, you could go anywhere and do anything. You don't have to be Steve McQueen to look the part behind the two-spoke energy-absorbing steering wheel. For you; the re-modeler, restorer, dreamer; you can't resist the call to piece together a part of your past that reminds you of late nights and sharp turns. So much has happened since those simpler days. You traded cleaning carburetors for changing diapers. Life picked up speed and you chose family over torque.
Your garage resembles 30 years of promises to yourself. Promises you intended to keep, but in your golden years, this thing is still a dream. You can hear your wife calling you from the kitchen to come eat dinner. Y…