It's every man's dream to own a car that capture's their identity. For some, classic american muscle cars fit the bill perfectly. If that's you, then nothing embodies that symbolic freedom quite like a 1968 mustang. It represents a moment in time when the world was changing, but with enough horsepower, you could go anywhere and do anything. You don't have to be Steve McQueen to look the part behind the two-spoke energy-absorbing steering wheel.
For you; the re-modeler, restorer, dreamer; you can't resist the call to piece together a part of your past that reminds you of late nights and sharp turns. So much has happened since those simpler days. You traded cleaning carburetors for changing diapers. Life picked up speed and you chose family over torque.

Your garage resembles 30 years of promises to yourself. Promises you intended to keep, but in your golden years, this thing is still a dream. You can hear your wife calling you from the kitchen to come eat dinner. You shake your head and smile as another routine pulls you away from the one thing you haven't finished.  You tell your wife at dinner, that you had made a decision that is was time to move on and it was finally time to clean out the garage and find a new project.
You look up from your plate to see your wife smiling from ear to ear, she said she was so happy to hear this good news and said, " I have just the right project I want to start in the garage, that is if you are going to clean it out?”
You nodded your head and said sure, "what did you have in mind?" She smiled and said, "you’re going to love it!"
Sometimes as we grow older we must realize some dreams are better shared.  We also must conclude that to fulfill a dream you may have to change plans to make your
dreams come true.

Retirement is fun, but don't let it get you bogged down with so many projects that you forget to relax and enjoy your time off. If you’re on a time budget, look around at purchasing a ‘68 dream car, instead of putting it together, you would be amazed at how much time you can save and how soon you and your wife will be on cruising on the road.

If you are still bound and determined to work on a car be sure to buy one that is in good working order, or one you can add your own special touches to, this way you will still have that sense of pride knowing you worked on it.

The next morning you wake up early and head out to the garage to start your clean up,
but your wife is already there cleaning. She hands you a cloth and tells you the family car needs a wax, but once you get out there tied with a big red bow is a 1968 ford mustang, pretty similar to the one you had in high school. You look at her with complete surprise and she just smiles, gives you a hug, gives you your old baseball hat and said let's hit the road!

So what do you think? It's our "new garage project" , but we can still take it for a spin in between repairs! It does need some interior work on the seats and there are few minor repairs to be made on the body, but the engine runs great!

You can't believe your dream has become reality, you can hear yourself saying, "I think it’s great and it’s the best retirement gift you could have given me, but how did you know I had been looking at this particular car?"

Your wife laughs, did you forget how much your best friend loves to talk, he told me about the car lot you had been riding by almost daily to catch a glimpse of your dream car. You can thank him later, it's time to take this new baby for a ride!

Be sure to check out This would be a great place to start looking for your next dream car!


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